Circle L Limousin & Land Co., Inc.

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Burbank Ohio 44214

Cory Baker, Farm Manager

Robert & Phyllis Leatherman, Owner
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Natural Beef Supply

Circle L is a producer of natural beef and the farm supplies product for the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio. ( The Circle L natural beef program mainly consists of registered Lim-Flex cattle. Lim-Flex cattle are a breed of their own and represent a mix breed of Limousin and Angus cattle. In order to be a registered Lim-Flex, the animal must be 25-75% Limousin and 25-75% Angus or Red Angus. Cattle raised on the Circle L Farm are antibiotic and hormone free. The cattle are fed 2.5% of their body weight for premium growth along with unlimited hay and forages as well as fresh clean water. When the animal reaches an age of 15 through 23 months of age, they are sent to market.

The Galaxy Restaurant features a menu with 20 fabulous burgers, produced naturally here at the farm. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some of our natural 7 ounce naturally raised hamburger patty's or other natural beef.